SimToo Drone is a Lily alternative from China, complete with auto follow


If you might remember, Lily shot to fame thanks to its intuitive controls and the ability to follow you. There are other drones that do the follow me feature, but Lily perhaps proposed the most simple execution.

And it was about time that a Chinese drone did the same; say hello to the SimToo Drone. If you didn’t already guess, the SimtToo Drone is a direct alternative to Lily with a very similar feature set… and the fact that it is yet to get into mass production.

The features of the SimToo Drone that you should care about is foldable design and the auto follow feature, which means that you don’t need someone to control the drone while you go about your adventure trails. Very much like Lily, you’ll have to have the tracking wearable around your wrist for the SimToo Drone to follow you.

simtoo 2_result-2

Given $14 drones offer one key returns, it isn’t a surprise that this one too does offer return to the take off point at the press of a button. The only difference being that return to home on the SimToo Drone is GPS assisted, so it should be much more precise.

The makers claim that the SimToo Drone can do over 30 minutes of flight on one charge, but I’m not really buying it at the moment. There’s no product shots available yet, so I’m hoping this isn’t vaporware.